About Us

Cardraising.com was started in 2011 by best friends Derek Sparta and Emil Jorge. From the beginning we had one goal in mind, create a sustainable business that could afford to give back 30% of its revenues to help others. Giving back is part of our core DNA at Cardraising.

Each year schools and charity budgets are getting slashed while state and federal funding is drying up across the board. Our dreams are to offer a custom website to every school and charitable cause across the globe. Our website will help drive fundraising efforts that are so desperately needed, as well as removing the time burden put on parents to run fundraisers.

Giving back is part of our core DNA at Cardraising We are committed to offering an excellent shopping experience to all of our consumers. With high quality products and outstanding customer service, we hope Cardraising.com can be the standard for personalized print products. We look forward to adding more and more products over the next few years giving our customers many options to create beautiful and unique items that they want to share with their families and friends.

It is the giving back potential that excites us the most. We have the potential of giving back millions of dollars each year. It is our job to convince you the consumer to choose our brand over many others and join us in giving back to communities across the World.

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